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  • Understand the Basics of Forex trading
  • Learn Effective Use of Fundamental and Technical Tools
  • Access to Weekly Private Webinar
  • Access to Weekly LIVE Market Review
  • One-on-One Coaching Sessions
  • Consistent Insight into Market Opportunities

You have a 50% discount on the N400,000 annual due, if you make payment for more than one person or you refer your friend.

We do not take investment funds to trade for people. We will teach people how to trade independently and successfully.

Your membership subscription payment gives you access to our training and resources for a period of one year, starting from your date of initial payment.

Yes, there are provisions for installmental payment. Your first installment is 50% of the total fee, while the second intsallment of 50% has to be paid at least a month after the first payment.

You can pay online through our website – we have a very secure payment gateway.

You can also transfer directly  to our company account 1017336140. You will send the evidence of payment to for us to confirm your payment.

At Finspot, we are NOT brokers, so we cannot give you a demo account.

We only recommend brokers where you can choose to open your trading account, at your own discretion.

You are not trading with our company. We only teach you how to trade forex online successfully. As our enrolled member, you will learn the nitty gritty and risk management required for successful forex trading.

Our training resources will provide knowledge of how to pick signals and take trading positions on your own. You are 100 percent liable for your profit and loss in the forex trading process.

Forex trading education is our main programme at the moment. We will communicate other programmes with you, in due time.